Clarity Online is NeoSypher’s latest expansion to our data analysis service. Clarity online provides our users with efficient access to their relevant sales data at all geographical levels providing on the move access to market information.

Our Specialities

  • Budget Impact Models
  • Product launch analysis
  • Performance segmentation
  • Activity vs sales data reports
  • Rebate management

Data analysis

With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry as well as at multiple levels within the NHS, NeoSypher can help supply answers to the many questions that studies and performance statistics can create. Whether you want to analyse prescription data or hospital statistics, our dedicated and experienced team can help.

Monthly reports

We understand the pressure many directors and managers in the pharmaceutical industry & Healthcare sector are under. NeoSypher aims to reduce that pressure when it comes to data reporting. We can supply you with tailored monthly data reports, allowing you to then make quicker and more informed decisions.